​​Family subscription

A family subscription connects up to three Bookmate accounts: the owner and two family members, including children. The user who purchased the subscription becomes its owner. That person can invite and remove group members once the subscription has been paid for.


Does the whole family have one account or different accounts?

Each subscription member gets their own individual account. You won’t need to log in with a different account or plan the time when you can read. Each person will have their own library and book recommendations. In addition, you can also create shared bookshelves, exchange books, and discuss what you’ve read.


How does the payment system work? Do we share the payments?

One person sets up the subscription. That person becomes its owner. They can invite and remove group members and also pay for the subscription on a monthly basis or make a one-off payment for the whole year. The family members get access to the library without having to enter any card details.


How can I give library access to a child?

A child gets access to the family in the same way as other members. Register them on Bookmate and send them an invitation.


Will the whole family be able to see the books that I’m reading?

By default, the books in your library are visible to everyone. This allows you to exchange them and to share recommendations and opinions about them.

You can, however, hide books so that only you can see them. In order to do so, select the book and tick “Read in private.”

You can find more details about how to do this on different devices here:

I want to hide what I read and listen to. How to do it?


I have another Bookmate subscription. What will happen to it?

Your personal library and all your settings will remain unchanged.

If you set up the subscription on the App Store, you need to cancel it manually in order to prevent the next payment from being taken. In all other circumstances, your subscription will automatically change to a family one.

You can find out more about how to cancel your subscription on the App Store here: How do I cancel auto-renewal?


Where can I view all my subscriptions?

Go to “Profile settings,” then to “Manage subscriptions.” In this section, you can find out what subscriptions you have and cancel the one you don’t need.

You can read more about how to cancel a subscription here: How do I cancel auto-renewal?


I’ve been sent an invitation, but it hasn’t arrived. What should I do?

Check the spam folder to look for the invitation message. If it isn’t there, request a link to the invitation from the subscription owner.

I’ve received a family invitation, but I can’t accept it. I get an error message.

This kind of error can happen for two reasons.

  1. There are already three members in the family group. Contact the subscription owner and get them to check the number of people and resend the invitation.
  2. You are already in another family group. Go to your profile settings. If you see the “Family subscription” button, you’re already in another family. Tap on the button to see who the subscription owner is. You can remain in this family or request to be removed by the owner so that you can join another one.
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