What are bookshelves for, and how do I create them?

A bookshelf is a selection of books, audiobooks, and comic books that share by a single theme. Examples of potential themes include the best detective novels of the year, the most interesting popular science books about space, or new children’s books. Anyone with a Bookmate account can make bookshelves.

A bookshelf is a convenient place not just to collect books, but also to share your thoughts about them. It’s essentially a personal book blog. Each post is a mini-review that other users can like and comment on.

How to create a bookshelf on Bookmate:

1. Press the “Create a new bookshelf” button (or tap “Create new shelf” in the app) in the “My books” section
2. Come up with a name and description for the bookshelf and download a book cover you like
3. Add books, audiobooks, and comic books to the bookshelf
4. Explain why you added them to the bookshelf. Your post can be two words or three paragraphs long — length doesn’t matter
5. To change your bookshelf’s privacy settings, press the globe in the upper right corner (in a browser) or tap the padlock in the lower right corner (in the app)
6. Save the bookshelf by pressing the “Create bookshelf” button on the website or by tapping the check mark in the app
7. Be sure to tell your friends about your bookshelf

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