How do I change my account info?

You can do this in your settings on the Bookmate website:

1. Log into the account for which you want to change the info
2. Mouse over or tap your avatar (the round icon in the upper right corner)
3. Select “Settings” in the pop-up window

How to change your profile picture:

1. Press your current profile picture
2. Select the image you want and wait for it to upload

How to change your name, account description (brief information about yourself), website link, and login:

1. Edit one of the fields listed above
2. Press outside of the field being edited, and the information will be saved

How to change or add an email address:

1. Press the pencil or “Add email address” in the “Email address” field
2. On the page that appears, enter the email address you want to link to the account and a password
3. Select “Save”

How to change or add a phone number:

1. Select “Change” or “Add a phone number” in the “Phone” field
2. On the page that appears, enter your phone number
3. Select “Send code by SMS”
4. Enter the verification code from the text message and password
5. Select “Save”

How to change your password:

1. Select “Change password” in the “Password” section
2. If you don’t remember your current password, select “Forgot password?”, enter your email address, and select “Reset password”
3. If you remember your old password, enter the old password, the new password, and the new password again to confirm
4. Select “Save”

How to change your gender and date of birth:

1. Press the field you want to edit
2. Choose the option you prefer

How to link or unlink a social network account:

1. Press the icon of the social network (Facebook, Twitter, or VK)
2. If a social network account is already linked to your account and you want to unlink it, select “Disconnect” below the icon of the social network

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