Report an error in a book, a banned book or copyright infringement

There are several ways to inform us about some errors in the books or copyright infringement:

1. From the list of the books in your library at the website:

Hover the cursor over the book and click on the arrow next to the "Read" icon. Select "Report an error in the book" in the pop-up menu. Сhoose the type of the error (e.g. copyright infringement, offensive content, etc.) and then leave us a brief description of the problem and click "Send".

2. From the book at the website:

If you find a mistake while reading the book, you can also tell us about it. Highlight the extract of the book that contains the problem, and click "Error" in the pop-up menu. Then select the type of the error, describe the problem and click "Send".

3. From the book contents at the website:

Go to the content of the book by clicking on the three horizontal stripes in the upper left corner and then click on its shaded part on the left to open the annotation page. Click on the three horizontal dots, then click "Report an error". Select the type of the error, describe the issue and click "Send".

4. From the app:

If you use an Android or iOS device, open the book, highlight the extract and tap "Mistake" (exclamation mark icon) in the context menu. Select the type of the error and describe the issue in more details.

If you're reading via the WP app, please use the feedback form. Open the app settings (tap the three horizontal dots in the bottom right corner) and select "help center". Specify the book, describe the problem and send it to us.

5. From the feedback form at the website. 

The feedback form is in the lower right corner of the page. Please specify the book and the issue you have come up with.

As soon as we receive the error report, we'll check the book and try to replace the current version of the book. In terms of a banned book, please specify a reason why the book is considered to be banned.

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